Marijuana Made Mobile

Cultivate allows dispensaries to engage with members and patients directly with their own mobile app and ordering system.

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Convert clicks into cash. Members will now be able to order ahead allowing you to process more customers and increase your daily sales.

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Members can browse & order directly from an iPad provided by Cultivate in store. Less waiting for your members and more throughput for your store.


Let your customers experience your store before they walk in with beautiful menus, easy to access store hours, deals and information. No more call aheads or misinformed customers.

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Content Management

Keep your members in the know! With a live inventory management system that is user friendly and intuitive you will be able to keep your menu up to date and communicate with your customers with ease. Manage deals, inventory and order reservations.


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Give us a call

Our team will give you a tour of the product and walk you through onboarding. Email us at [email protected] or give us a call.

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Coming Soon

Our team is prepared to mold the future of marijuana procurement. Expect debit & credit card transactions alongside data analytics soon.